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Gypsum Board and False Ceiling work

Also known as drywall, wallboard or plasterboard, gypsum board is the recent material development which often used in building material for wall, ceiling and partition in business offices, residential, institutional, and commercial to afford a monolithic surface when joints. We, at Crystal Bright Interior Decoration L.L.C, undertake any large or small scale building projects, offering innovative solutions for commercial and domestic ceilings and partitions. Our team of engineers with in-depth knowledge can help you build custom partitions to meet the specific needs of your projects.

More so, our team know-how proficiency in constructing and maintaining gympsum board partition is well-skilled in doing the partition you wanted it to be. Gypsum board, as new carpentry material, consists of outstanding advantages in terms of production, consumption, efficiency, performance, installation, resistance, isolation, durability, economy, versatility and many more

Glass and Aluminum Works

The Crystal Bright Interior Decoration is a contractor of glass and aluminum installation and fabrication of many satisfied clients – in businesses, offices, warehouses and apartments. Our company provides innovative solutions and services to meet the tasks in installing and fabricating of your glass and aluminum works. Offering wide array of durable and resilient glass and aluminum services, we also service other accessories that is complementing the premium glass product.

We take care glass door partitions, automatic and manual sliding doors, double-sized glazing, shower doors, mirror works, beveling and grinding glass, lock fixing, back painted glasses, lamination glasses, spider fitting glasses, frosted stickering, sand blasting, aluminum framing, and aluminum cladding, to mention but a few. Ought to have professionally skilled team for fulfilling customer satisfaction in glass- and aluminum-related works, we are here to serve you.

Handrail Works

Our company maintains high quality custom-made stainless steel fabrication structures. We create fabrication of handrails and gates for villas, offices, and palatial homes and more, treated with special coating to withstand the region’s harsh weather conditions. Most of our works are with decorative railings, handrails and stairs. You will find us quite friendly as we genuinely enjoy our work.

Painting Works

Are you looking for an affordable yet high quality painting services for offices, apartments, restaurants, hotels and warehouses? Or a contractor maybe for big, voluminous renovation or construction of your property? Well, worry no more! We are here to help you.

Crystal Bright Interior Decoration L.L.C service provides the best quality painting – a skilled trade that requires training and appropriate tools – and renovating services for your residential and commercial property. We stand by our work and are dedicated to provide our client with high quality and professional workmanship.

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Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring, a type of wood flooring, is made from small blocks, strips, or pieces of wood which are laid to create regular, artistic and geometric patterns that come with different shape, color and sizes. The parquet flooring is hard to do. It takes a lot of training and experience to do it properly and suitably. However, your life will be easier because we are here to serve you.

The Crystal Bright Interior Decorations L.L.C handles all your carpentry and flooring needs from the start to finish including selection and design assistance. Our team of carpenters and fitters are trained in all kinds of parquet flooring works.

Tile Works

We, at the Crystal Bright Interior Decoration L.L.C, have a team of experts specialized in all aspects of tiling works for residential and commercial needs. We provide a wide selection of both granite and ceramic tiles which come with various colors, sizes and shapes, as well as the textures that are customized and fit with your selection. We have services that beautify your home, restaurants, hotels, and so on. Enhancing the design and decor, meeting your specific comfort, performance and budget needs, we are easy to care for, and stand the test of time with you.


Behind of the many various advanced closets, cabinets, tables, and so on, for both residential and office, the Crystal Bright Interiors has constructed these sets of furniture for different gratified clients. We support clients from the project inception to the commissioning of fully operational fabrication of modular cabinet and furniture.

We have been arranging a steadfast solution to your most complex construction and interior challenges to the most, easiest ones. Our capability extends to the wide selection of some construction variety, ranging from smaller constructions to larger scale projects. We are specialized in modular cabinet, fabrication, and installation. Building innovative and artistic project management techniques to corporate, instructional and residential clients is always driven by our distinctive ability and passion for implementing reliable carpentry skills.

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